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Some of the services we provide:



Virus, Malware and Spyware removal and protection:

These days malicious software can attack your computer in a variety of ways and can cause major operational problems, sometimes to the point where your computer becomes unusable.

We use the latest tools and techniques to rid your system of all unwanted visitors, leaving your computer clean and protected. (Occasionally a full re-installation of the operating system may be necessary) 

System Cleanup:

Over time you may notice your computer slowing down considerably, especially on system start up, when running certain programs and browsing the internet. We can improve the performance of you PC with our full system cleanup and defrag service.

Preventative Maintenance:

Another cause of poor performance can be the build up of fluff and dust inside your computer, which can collect on the fans making them noisy and less effective which leads to internal parts including the CPU overheating and becoming damaged. We can carry out full internal preventative maintenance including the removal of all dust and replacing the thermal compound between the CPU and the heat sink.


Hardware Repairs and Upgrades:

Whether parts have come to the end of their effectiveness and need replacing, or are just too outdated for today's uses, we can help. Sometimes all that old PC needs is a memory upgrade or new hard drive for that new lease of life.

We can supply and fit anything you may need including power supply units, DVD drives/re-writers, motherboards, CPUs and more.

For all your computer related problems within the Greater Peterborough area, call Delta PC Repairs now for an estimate. Contact.